New Mountain Bike Trails At The Trapps Family Lodge


6-22-11 trapps lodge

With a rainy forecast the next few days, Scott and I decided to take the day off and get a bit of mountain biking in before the trails turn wet and muddy once again.  This has been the rainiest spring on record here in Vermont and it’s been tricky trying to find open trails and good days to ride between running. So we seized this opportunity! Plus it turned out to be a cross training day on my training schedule! And I feel that mountain biking is so good for running! It’s a great core workout and utilizes so many different muscles! So dust off that mountain bike and join us next time! Smile

6-22-11 trapps scott field

We love the Trapp Family Lodge and are very lucky to live within 35 minutes from the fantastic cross country skiing and now mountain biking! This place has some of the best 6-22-11 me trapps lodge spurcross country skiing in Vermont and we are so happy they are in the process of building a great network of mountain bike trails. The singletrack trails will be fully completed in 5 years but at the moment they have some very nice riding available that is worth the trip. It costs $10 for a day pass which is a bargain when you consider all the work that goes into building and maintaining nice mountain bike trails. I was also curious to see if it might be good for trail running which I am happy to report that it would be! So we purchased our tickets in the ski/bike shop and grabbed our trail map.

6-22-11 trapps deer6-22-11 trapps deer road

We started off with a warm up loop that was recommended called Stepping Stone. We went across the street and took a gravel road down past the wedding tent and followed the signs to the loop. The trail is classified as intermediate with a blue square but this is a very nice easy fun trail that would be well suited for new mountain bike riders working on becoming comfortable on the trails. It’s a very nice 1 mile buffed out trail that is not technical at all. It’s fun loop with lots of fast twisty turns! I would definitely warm up on this one again.

6-22-11 me trapps lodge spur2

We headed back across the road and decided to do a nice “45 minute” loop that was also recommended by one of the employees in the ski/bike shop. I’m not sure how long it took to ride the loop.  We stopped to photograph some deer, ourselves and to look at the trail map. Plus we did the loop twice and a little adventure up a trail called Tapline. So overall we on our bikes for about 2 and a half hours with all the stops. Nothing too crazy today.

6-22-11 trapps scott luce hill

The loop starts with a nice singletrack trail called Lodge Spur that begins at the ski/bike shop. It is classified as a black diamond trail. I would say this would be a good intermediate trail with some tricky technical spots here and there. Nothing too difficult but it’s not super easy 6-22-11 trapps scott taplineeither. Lodge Spur takes you to the Luce Hill Loop which was my favorite riding of the day. This loop has some really sweet singletrack! It has a very nice flow and goes through some very pretty hardwoods and softwoods with lots of ferns. The first time around the loop we were tentative and took it easy. After finishing the Luce Hill Loop, we took another nice singletrack trail called Telemark Spur to a harder trail called Tapline. This one is a nice climb consisting of mostly switchbacks. It’s a very nice trail and had a few tricky spots on the uphill climb. It was very good technical practice for me! Once we got to the top,  I snapped a photo of Scott and we headed back down. It6-22-11 me trapps tapline was a lot of fun to ride down! It was designed to be a nice fun descent. There are easy options to ride up and then ride back down Tapline. Scott snapped a couple photos of me riding down Tapline. This is a trail I would consider intermediate/advanced. And after this I felt very confident to ride the Luce Hill Loop a bit faster on the second time around. It was built for a fast fun spin! And we had a blast! Scott really took off a few times as he is a very good and strong mountain biker! Once we finished the Luce Hill Loop, we headed back via the Lodge Spur trail. This was also a lot of fun to ride back to the parking lot.

6-22-11 me trapps tapline2

Overall we are very impressed with these trails! I wasn’t sure what to expect. I heard good things on Facebook but had to see it for myself. While the bulk of the trails may not be the most ideal for pure beginners, most riders who are used to the Vermont roots and rocks will find the trails very fun to ride. I can say that my mountain bike skills are a little bit better after riding here today. It’s not a super easy place to ride and there were definitely some tricky spots. But I do recommend this place for avid mountain bikers! It’s a fantastic place for intermediate level mountain bikers to come improve their skills! So do come out here and ride!

6-22-11 trapps seasonal lager

After a nice time of riding, we could not wait visit the Trapp Family Lodge Brewery and sip a couple Lagers outside on the deck! There’s nothing we love more then enjoying a nice local beer after skiing or biking! We started with the unfiltered seasonal lager which was very nice and refreshing. And then we had my favorite which is the Dunkel. It has hints of chocolate and a nice full malt taste. It’s their darkest beer on tap. Yum!

6-22-11 trapps dunkel

While we were sitting on the deck we could feel a few rain drops, but we still got to finish our lagers and enjoy the beautiful mountain air and scenery. It’s truly a little piece of heaven up here at Trapps! We are so lucky to live so close!

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