Fantastic Mountain Biking in Pine Hill Park

7-13-11 rocky pond

View from the Overlook Trail of Rocky Pond

One of my favorite places to mountain bike is Pine Hill Park in Rutland, Vermont. When Scott and I lived in this area 13 years ago, there were only a few rough trails to mountain 7-13-11 sherman, me shelley phbike and I’m not sure it was even considered a park back then. Thanks to an awesome team of volunteers, Pine Hill Park now has 16 miles of incredible singletrack for mountain biking and trail running. The trailhead and parking is found at the Giorgetti Athletic Complex in the City of Rutland. For us it’s about a 1.5 hour drive south but it’s totally worth it. There’s nothing quite like this up our way. And since last year, they have done an amazing amount of work to the trails and have added new trails. If you love mountain biking and/or trail running, please check this place out! You’ll thank me! Smile It’s a true gem and the trails are a total joy to ride. I haven’t found one trail out there I don’t like! I’m serious!

7-13-11  scott pinehill bridge

Wednesdays are one of my cross training days so we took another day off and headed down to Rutland with bikes on the roof rack. And since the next couple weekends are dedicated to running races, I felt it was a good time to sneak in a little mountain biking before the races. We met up with Shelley and her friend Sherman around 10:00am in the parking lot.7-13-11 shelley trail signs I really enjoy mountain biking with Shelley. She’s one of our dearest bike friends. I met Shelley when I first started doing club rides in Rutland back in the early 1990s. I’ve learned so much from her about road bike racing and always enjoyed our bike rides together. She’s a very strong rider with some great technical skills and experience on the mountain bike too. She also doesn’t mind riding at conversation pace on the trails which is more my pace! It’s always fun to catch up and chat a bit on the bikes. I train pretty hard when I run, so I like to be more mellow on the mountain bike, enjoying the scenery and just being outside in the woods. And our ride on Wednesday was exactly what I needed! Thanks Shelley!

7-13-11 me on susp bridge last year

Me on the Suspension Bridge. Shelley took this photo last summer.


You can find this map on the Pine Hill Park Website!

Shelley is one of the volunteers who has given countless hours and so much hard work to the park. She gave us a tour of some of the work they have done since last year. There is so much thought and planning that goes into all the trails here. The attention to details is 7-13-11 sherman shelley scottincredible. I love the contour of the trails and how they flow so nicely. You can almost feel your bike carving around the turns and banked up corners. If you are a fast rider, these trails will be quite the scream. You can really rip it up on the trails as many are pretty buff and smooth. If you prefer some more technical trails with lots of rocks and roots, Pine Hill has that too! One of the most technical trails is Stegosaurus which you can take from the Overlook trail. This one makes me a little nervous with some steep, rocky descents and drops, but I did well on Wednesday……..until we came to that tricky little bridge! Make sure you are in a low enough gear and have plenty of speed. That dip in the middle is not as easy as it looks! Smile  We ended our ride on another advanced trail called Halfpipe which has some crazy banked up turns and then fast descents that bring you back up around the next banked up turn. If you love riding Kitchel in the Kingdom Trails, you’ll love this one too! Here are Shelley and Scott! It was a little dark in the woods due to the clouds.

7-13-11 shelley halfpipe1

7-13-11 scott halfpipe

It’s steeper than it looks!

Overall it was another fantastic ride in the Pine Hill Park! Thanks again Shelley! We’ll be down as soon as we can! Whether you are new to mountain biking or a seasoned pro, there’s something for everyone here! I only wish we lived closer! I’d be trail running and mountain biking here every day!!

7-13-11 pinehill trail sign

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