Leaf Peeping On The Bikes

10-8-11 bikes & lake elmore

Beautiful Lake Elmore with Mt Elmore in the Background

It’s been 2 weeks since I ran the Vermont 50K and I’m still not able to run yet! I’ve been nursing a shin splint and another injury in the top of my leg which was due to over compensating for my injured shin. I could barely walk after the 32 mile hilly and muddy trail race! Things looked pretty bleak for me. But luckily I’m healing and things are getting better!! I’m seeing Kathy Provencher in Waterbury, VT who’s an excellent Physical Therapist and she is also a very fast and experienced runner! She thinks she can have me running in a couple weeks. I’m not a big fan of PT, but I do like Kathy and hope that I’ll be running with her at lunch soon…rather than hobbling to her office a couple times a week!

10-8-11 scott heading to lake elmore

So for this weekend I was told by Kathy to take it easy on the bikes, which meant no long 50-80 mile rides over big mountains and gaps! OK, that is not easy here in Vermont but I figured out a couple nice mellow rides which weren’t crazy hilly, yet had some very pretty scenery for ‘leaf peeping’!  Smile

10-8-11 beauty spot sign


New England weather is so funny and unpredictable. Last weekend it poured both Saturday and Sunday! This weekend’s weather brought us crisp, clear, 10-8-11 me & mt elmoreblue sunny skies and warm temperatures. Absolutely perfect for getting on our road bikes! On Saturday we drove to Montpelier with bikes on the roof rack. First stop was to grab some vegan muffins at the Hunger Mountain Co op, another great place for food shopping! They have delicious vegan muffins every day, so we couldn’t resist the stop! Yum!! We then headed north on Route 12 to the small town of Worcester, VT where we would begin our bike ride. I was only supposed to do a 20ish mile ride and thought going to Lake Elmore would be very nice. Out and back we rode 26 miles but I figured if things didn’t feel good, we could always turn around. Luckily my legs felt fine and we enjoyed a lovely ride to Lake Elmore.  We didn’t make any plans to ride with our bike buddies since I wasn’t going to be riding fast or very far with my injuries. After the ride I was so happy to realize that my legs did fine. I never felt my shin riding and my upper leg seemed intact. All good news!

10-8-11 outside Fiddle Heads

After our ride we stopped at my friend Linda’s amazing live vegan café and store called Vermont Fiddle Heads. This is a wonderful little place if you are seeking a delicious and healthy lunch! Nothing but organic whole foods! I highly recommend visiting this café and meeting Linda and Matt! They are both awesome people! I just adore them! The café is only 8 miles north of Montpelier on route 12! Do make the trip! It’s so worth the drive. If you are a raw vegan or vegan you will be in heaven! Even if you are not a vegan, you’ll still appreciate the tasty and creative food offerings! I had Linda’s Raw American Burger with eggplant ‘bacon’ on her insanely yummy onion bread! Sooooo good! Scott had the Sunshine Salad which was also amazing! Scott is not a huge fan of raw food but he loved this!!! For dessert I had a very healthy yet sinful tasting chocolate mousse pie! OMG this was to live for!! Scott enjoyed a big homemade juice and it was fun to watch Linda juice so many fruits and veggies in her juicer! Cool! I ordered a juicer from Linda so we’ll finally be able to juice at home!! And it’s a great excuse to visit soon when we pick up our juicer!

10-8-11 lunch at fiddle heads


10-8-11 choc mousse


Sunday morning my shin and legs were doing fine so we plotted another mellow bike ride without any major climbs. I decided to be conservative once more so I can run soon and 10-9-11 me and lake edennot mess up my progress! We decided a 30 mile ride from Morrisville to Lake Eden and back on Route 100 would be the ride for the day. It was another gorgeous clear blue sunny day with temperatures reaching the high 70s and low 80s! I am not a big fan of driving to ride my bike…..but it’s not easy finding mellow bike riding in our area without any huge climbs. Plus I had an ulterior motive for heading up to Morrisville….more on that later Winking smile

10-9-11 scott looking at lake eden

The ride to Lake Eden was very lovely and the mountain views were so pretty with the colors. I was in my glory riding in the warm sun and admiring the beauty of Vermont. The 10-9-11 lake eden with boat & blue skytraffic wasn’t terrible on route 100 and the road was in decent condition for the most part. My shin and upper leg were also doing fine. We didn’t ride fast and kept it mellow to make sure I wouldn’t aggravate anything…I do want to run soon and making things worse on the bike would not be worth it. Luckily Scott didn’t mind riding slower than our normal pace. We got to Lake Eden and stopped to enjoy the views and sunshine. The last time we rode by Lake Eden was last year in the rain during a 100 mile charity ride for an animal shelter. That was a tough day and I was hoping to ride here again during nicer weather. So it was a treat to visit Lake Eden and soak up some vitamin D!

10-9-11 view from rt 100

After our ride we had a very nice lunch at the Bees Knees Café in Morrisville! I love to plot our bike rides so they include a vegan friendly lunch spot or latte break if it’s a longer ride. This is a very cool, eclectic coffee house and café that serves very good food! They are vegan friendly and always have a few vegan options which is fantastic for us! We both ordered the most10-9-11 seitan philly wrap amazing seitan wrap ever! This was called a Seitan Philly Cheese Steak sandwich with a vegan option. They used a soy based mayo for their aioli sauce which was fantastic. They also used caramelized onions and red peppers which made this incredible. I asked the waitress more information since I found it hard to believe it was vegan. She said they marinate the seitan in maple syrup and told us about the soy based aioli sauce. We thought about ordering another one but didn’t feel we biked enough miles to have earned it! Normally we like to ride at least 50 miles on a weekend day….our 30 miler today didn’t quite give me permission to indulge like that! But I did enjoy an IPA from the Stone Brewery! They have other yummy vegan options like tofu burgers, tofu scrambles and black bean burgers which are vegan safe (the menu says so!). We like this place! Smile

10-9-11 scott and cadys falls

Cadys Falls in Morrisville, VT

Overall I’m very grateful that I was able to ride my bike both days this weekend. We didn’t do any epic long rides over the App Gap, but since I’m in recovery mode, it’s all good. This forced rest from running might be a blessing in disguise. It’s giving my whole body time to recover from an insanely awesome season of running and racing. And I’m being forced to try new cross training like swimming! Yes, I started swimming laps at the Swimming Hole in Stowe! Scott used to be on the swim team in college so it’s great to have him give me pointers! And this week I’ll be introducing some aqua jogging to my recovery repertoire! Thanks to Jess for letting me borrow her aqua jogging belt! Apparently many serious runners use this exercise as great way to stay in shape while recovering from running injuries!

10-8-11 me riding with mt elmore

For now, I continue to be optimistic! I know I’ll be running with my awesome husband and friends soon! At the moment the biking is pretty darn sweet! Smile

10-8-11 scott on rt 12

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1 Response to Leaf Peeping On The Bikes

  1. awesome post Joyce! This cracks me up: “Normally we like to ride at least 50 miles on a weekend day….our 30 miler today didn’t quite give me permission to indulge like that!” You did 56 miles in 2 days! If that were me, I’d have had the 2nd vegan philly cheese steak! LOL

    Lots of love to you Joyce! You are a rockin athlete!

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