Bye Bye Boston but Hello Snow!

2-26-12 a scott on solitude

Scott skiing Adam’s Solitude at Bolton Valley 2-26-12

My last post in January described a lot of skiing in spite of a lack of snow. It also talked about my hopes of getting through my running injuries for the Boston Marathon. Sadly my 2-4-12 snowy trees wilderness chairshin splint which plagued me for the VT50K came back to haunt me during my training! Unfortunately, shin splints are very common to new marathon runners like myself! On Saturday February 4th I did my longest run of 14 miles so far this year. I felt good and was easily running 8 to 8:15 minutes per mile comfortably. After 14 miles I felt I could have happily kept going! And I had skied earlier that morning! I was very excited to run a good distance on a nice sunny winter afternoon. But the minor shin sensations I had been experiencing the last month grew to become another shin splint (medial) in the same shin. I did a few more runs the following week but it was only getting worse.

2-18-12 cobrass

One of my favorite views from Bolton Valley’s Cobrass Trail. 2-18-12

I had to make the tough decision to get my shin better, stop running for a few weeks and give up my training for the Boston Marathon this coming April. I am still very disappointed especially after qualifying this past May 2011 in the Vermont City Marathon. This means I will train for a fall 2012 marathon and qualify for Boston 2014. Registration for Boston 2013 is in September and it fills up within hours. And most fall qualifiers are in October or November. So unfortunately I will have to wait a bit to run Boston. If there was a good late summer or early fall qualifier this year, then I could do Boston in 2013. Confusing I know! But who knows what will happen. I could find an early marathon or maybe I’ll try and run the Philadelphia in November. It’s all good! Smile

2-25-12 chris and scott in action back b

Skiing the Back Bowls of Smugglers Notch on the Best Powder Day 2-25-12

For the rest of February I concentrated on getting my shin better by doing some workouts on the Elliptical machine at home and the gym, some shin exercises, swimming and doing my hot Bikram yoga. We also skied a lot on the weekends which always cheers me up! So basically I could do almost everything else except run! I must admit that I didn’t do all my elliptical workouts as prescribed by Jack my running coach. We both laughed at how much I do not enjoy the elliptical or any type of indoor machine! Luckily he totally understands! Snowshoeing and cross country country skiing sometimes took the place of the elliptical workouts! At least I did stay active while not running!

2-27-12 a scott on Everglades2-27-12 b late afternoon views2-27-12 mid morning from Ullr's run view2-27-12 snowy andre's paradise with scott

Jay Peak after a big snowstorm! 2-27-12


2-27-12 everglade me

Jay Peak! I’m on top of the Everglades! 2-27-12

At the end of February our snowless winter made a nice 180 degrees turnaround! We finally got a lot of snow! We had the best powder day ever at Smugglers Notch. Then we ellipticalskied Bolton Valley, our local mountain and also did some backcountry skiing. And then we took the day off the following Monday and skied Jay Peak! If that wasn’t enough we got more snow on Wednesday and Thursday and skied Sugarbush on Friday (for the Point FM half price day). And then it was another good weekend at Bolton Valley of alpine and cross country skiing. All this fun in the snow raised my spirits immensely and took my mind off of the Boston Marathon! Skiing with good friends at our local mountains when the conditions are great equals pure bliss! Thanks everyone! I didn’t even feel guilty for blowing off my elliptical workouts the very last weekend of February for some powder in the woods!

3-2-12 a view from sugarbush3-2-12 b view from sugarbush3-2-12 me on sunrise  z back3-2-12 view from chairlift sugarbush

Great day at Sugarbush 3-2-12


2-5-12 cliffhanger stream3-3-12  1 a secret glades BV chris & scott3-3-12 devil's playground3-3-12 secret trail BV

Bolton Valley’s beautiful wooded trails. February/Early March 2012

me xc skiing

I love cross country skiing on Bolton Valley’s Nordic Trails! 3-4-12

The good news is that I just did my first couple of easy runs and my shin feels fine while running! Jack is building me back up slowly with a nice strong base before I do any competitive races or long hard training runs. I will still do my yoga and swimming as cross training and incorporate some lower body weight training as I did last winter. Jack is also having me do the elliptical a couple days a week since my mileage and running volume is very low at the moment.  And of course we’ll ski to the end this season, however long that may be! I still think skiing is a great workout for the quads! Bring on the spring bump skiing!

2-19-12 scott skiing glades in bolton bc

Scott making turns on Bolton Valley’s Backcountry trails. 2-19-12

The majority of February was difficult for me without my running and the lack of snow. Thank goodness I have the most wonderful and patient husband! We still had some great weekends together on the skis last month. We do have a great life together and I’m truly grateful for all that I do have. And now that I’ve started running again, things are looking even better and happier!  I’m going to be extra careful to listen to my body and ease off the running if I feel any beginnings of injuries. Hopefully I should be fine!

When I finally run Boston, it will truly mean something and be that much sweeter! And I also have unfinished business in Philadelphia! Smile


Vegan Food and Beverage Report:

mint 1

Chili pepper and tamari marinated, seasoned tempeh, short grain brown rice, black turtle beans, home made salsa fresca, tofu sauce. (V) (gluten free). Found at Mint Restaurant in Waitsfield, VT. SOOO YUMMY!


Seasoned baked tofu with fennel, short grain brown rice, black turtle beans and tofu sauce. (V)(gluten free). Found at Mint Restaurant in Waitsfield, VT. This was AMAZING!

mint dessert

Mint has great desserts too!! OMG this was delicious: a chocolate and coconut tart! Going vegan rocks! Smile

m cupcakes

Super moist vegan dark chocolate cupcakes with sugar beet frosting! These are to live for! Found on Valentines Day at Sweat Pea Natural Foods Market in Waitsfield, VT. Scott loved these!

m farm sanc choc

And lastly, here’s what my sweetie got me for Valentine’s Day! This was some of the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted! We ordered this from the Farm Sanctuary! Love supporting my favorite animal charity and rescue!

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