Surviving a Tough 2012 and Embracing a New Year!

1-5-13 brandon view

Backcountry skiing in Brandon, VT 1-5-13

It’s no secret that 2012 was a tough year for me. I had running injuries in the beginning of the year that prevented me from running for over 3 months! Scott was having an Achilles heel issue and was not running for while as well. And then we had one of the warmest and snowless winters ever to make the winter season even more depressing and dismal. We both love to ski and play in the snow so it was tough for both of us. And then in March my shin started acting up again and I was forced to say good bye to my Boston Marathon dreams for April 2012.

12-25-12 me sugarbush

A snowy Christmas Day at Sugarbush! 12-25-12

While I did manage to run a successful Smuttynose Rockfest Half Marathon and the Philadelphia Marathon, the Fall of 2012 brought some dark personal struggles into my life. This12-15-12 me top of bv darkness caused much damage and personal grief. As I mentioned in my previous post, I lost sleep, I lost my appetite and got very sick right before the Philadelphia marathon. I am not going to spew out the gory details in my blog as I believe in discretion. But I will say that hard times do make us tougher and more resilient. It’s all about getting back up after we have fallen that is so important.


I have put 2012 behind me.  I am a stronger and much wiser person ready to navigate 1-5-13 scott woods brandonwhatever 2013 brings into my life. I recognize the personal upgrades needed for me to grow as a person and weather any future storms. I have also decided to move on in my life and appreciate all the goodness around me. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband who always stands by me no matter what happens. Scott is my best friend, training partner and true protector. And we both are looking forward to a great 2013. We have already had a lot of fun so far in the woods and mountains. So the rest of this blog post is going to focus on being outside and enjoying the generous amounts of snow Mother Nature has bestowed upon us so far! I am grateful!

12-23-12 bv view of lake

Bolton Valley has some of the best views! Lake Champlain is in the background.

We are season pass holders at Bolton Valley as we live 10 minutes from the access road. The early season skiing has been fantastic with plenty of snow this year! We have had some fun powder days and good times in the trees at Bolton. The only disappointment is that Timberline has been closed due to mechanical issues with the lift. Luckily they are planning on opening next weekend. Timberline is my favorite part of Bolton Valley! But Scott and I decided on New Years day we would  skin up Timberline and enjoy some amazing powder! It was well worth it!

12-23-12 vista glades12-23-12 scott skiing devils playground front

12-23-12 scott secret trail bv

Our super secret tree skiing at Bolton Valley Smile


1-1-13 scott timberline view & chairlift1-1-13 scott skinning timberline

1-1-13 me skinning timberline

Earning our turns at Timberline!

On Christmas Day we really enjoyed skiing at Sugarbush. We normally ski on Christmas day as the mornings are quiet and do I dare say almost peaceful! In the past we have skied at Smugglers Notch or Bolton Valley but this year wanted to do something different. Afterward we enjoyed beer and food at the Stark’s Nest Pub which is found at Mad River Glen! Scott enjoyed a Portobello mushroom sandwich and I had a yummy spinach salad with candied walnuts, cranberries and fried onions. We plan on skiing at MRG this year too!

12-25-12 scott paradise

Scott entering Paradise at Sugarbush

12-25-12 heavens gate chair view

12-25-12 sugarbush from Lynx









New Years Eve was special too as it was our first time celebrating at our beloved Bolton Valley! Every year they have a torch light parade and fire works and do a great job. The party afterward in the James Moore Tavern was a blast! We enjoyed hanging out with Dan, Larissa and some new friends! It was definitely a good party! Getting Scott and myself out onto the dance floor is not something you see every day! Thanks Dan & Larissa!

12-31-12 BV torchlight


12-31-12 fireworks skiiers


With all the generous snowfalls lately, we have also gotten out on our snowshoes! This is an amazing workout and great cross training for our running! We have beautiful trails across the road from us. The photos below are on the Preston Pond trail.

12-29-12 scott snoeshoe preston pond12-29-12 me snowshoe side view preston pd trail


This past weekend we had an amazing backcountry ski day in Brandon, VT with our friend Shelley who is one of our dearest bike and ski buddies who we have known since the bike racing days. Shelley is awesome and we always enjoy spending time catching up on our skis or bikes.

1-5-13 me and shelley brandon

1-5-13 view from uptrack brandon

1-5-12 scott shelley skinning brandon1-5-13 shelley scott top of brandon

1-5-13 frosty trees brandon


While we have been doing a lot of lift service and backcountry skiing lately, I am still in training mode for the Boston Marathon. I had a small tear in a foot tendon after Philly but it has been healing nicely and I ran my first 12 miler of the year today. While I have been managing some recent shin soreness, I am feeling hopeful I will make it to Boston this year. If not, I will truly be OK and know my fast Philly time will qualify me for Boston 2014. At least I can ski with a shin splint! Smile 

12-20-12 me running after snow

I love winter running and the variety of conditions. No treadmill for this girl!

2013 is going to be a great year! Lots of things we are looking forward to! Firstly we start back up with Swim Clinic every Tuesday night! We had such fun at the first session with Jess, Chris, Kristen, Marty, Sarah, Eric, Angela and Maria who is a fantastic swim instructor and coach! Secondly we are going to Utah for a week to ski Solitude! We are so excited for this adventure out west. Jack my running coach has given me the green light for this! And thirdly my goal is to become a running coach. I am waiting for classes in New England! Hopefully this summer!

Food and Beverage Report:

12-15-12 bobcat mugs on bar

Proud to be in the Mug Club at the Bobcat Café and Brewery!

12-15-12 bobcat dinner

Amazing stuffed pepper and tempeh sausage dinner at the Bobcat. They do fantastic vegan dinners. They make sure there is always one vegan entre on the menu.


12-20-12 bearded frog dinner

Indian Spiced Vegetable Bread Pudding with Tamarind Date Chutney and Sautéed Kale

After the last swim clinic a few of us decided to have dinner at the Bearded Frog in Shelburne, VT. We had never been there but were excited to try it since they had a vegan entre on the menu. This is a super cozy and very classy place to go out for dinner. We had a great night and many laughs! I really love swim clinic! And we highly recommend the Bearded Frog! The Indian bread pudding was so yummy!

We are looking forward to many winter adventures in the snow this year! Stay tuned for updates! Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by!

be happy again


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2 Responses to Surviving a Tough 2012 and Embracing a New Year!

  1. Julie says:

    Love your blog! Been running for 3 years and have done a lot of the same races as you. Hope u become a running coach. I might be interested!!

  2. Joyce says:

    Thanks for the kind words Julie! I would love to be a running coach. After sitting at a desk for over 20 years I’d love to do something more fulfiling! Happy New year!

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