Capital City Stampede 10K Race Report June 7th 2014


Last Saturday was my first officially timed 10K running race! I now have 4 marathons and 7 half marathons under my belt. But with shin issues the last couple years, I was never able to jump into a 10K running race. I did run a 10K back in 2009 to raise money for battered women but I wasn’t running much back then. I’m pretty sure it took me almost an hour to complete! Smile

The Capital City Stampede takes place in Montpelier, VT and is put on by the Central Vermont Runners. This is a really great running club with such nice folks. The race was small and had a nice local hometown feel. John Valentine is the race director and did a super job. Thank you John, Megan and all the volunteers who made the day happen! And thank you Onion River Sports for providing generous gift certificates and supporting the race! Overall I highly recommend this 10K! Not only is it well run, but it is a fast course that goes right by the State Capital and could provide a personal best if the weather isn’t too warm!


For me this was not a stellar run as I’m still adjusting to triathlon training with more biking and swimming and less running. I was hoping to run around a 6:45 overall pace starting out at my half marathon pace. However, I really couldn’t get my body to move faster than my half marathon pace on Saturday. I’m happy to say I did win the women’s race, but fell a little short of my goal for the day. I believe that in peak marathon training I could run faster, but right now I just have to accept that there are ebbs and flows to fitness levels and speed. My official time was 42:46 with an overall pace of 6:53 minutes per mile. My last half marathon overall average pace in March was a 6:52 (to put things into perspective). So I’m not feeling very speedy at the moment. But the good news is that I’m feeling more comfortable on my new tri bike and logging more and more miles. Also I have to report that it was another warm and very sunny race which made the morning feel less than ideal. So once again, it was hot!

The race started at 9am right in front of Onion River Sports and then headed right and left up a small short hill which took us right to the beautiful Vermont State Capital. It was so awesome running right in front of the building on the sidewalks! And then we went down a quick hill and across the bridge over the river. This stretch was fun and I decided that I would keep this mile just under a 7 minute pace as I didn’t want to blow up as I did in the Corporate Cup 5K last month. I wanted to play it very conservatively in the beginning. I was feeling decent at this point and looked forward to turning onto the shaded bike path.

The stretch on the bike path near the high school was fun and I was feeling good on mile 2 running at a comfortable 6:50ish pace. I wasn’t feeling too warm yet but knew we would be out in the bright sun soon enough. Mile three was back out onto the road again without any shade. I was still running at about the same pace and feeling OK but not super. I tried to be mindful of how my body was feeling and kept reminding myself that this is half marathon pace which I can handle for quite a while. Mile 4 was a bit faster with a 6:44 pace even on the smooth dirt roads. As we were heading back I was lucky enough to be running behind a guy keeping a pretty even pace consistent to my own efforts. I didn’t have the energy to run ahead and take a turn pulling. I was feeling hot and realized I wasn’t going to be running any 6:30s on the way back. My legs were actually feeling good but my heart rate was already at max race pace!

6-7-14 me finishing

Back on the bike path the shade was very welcomed and I started to feel a little better, but I somehow let my pace slow to a 6:49 for mile 5. My bad on that mile! I passed the guy and thanked him for pulling me along (He finished a few seconds behind me). One error on my part was not expecting the course to go back up the short steep hill on the final mile. This was the same little hill that devastated my Corporate Cup 5K pace on the last mile. But even though I felt slow and hot running up it once again, I still ran a 6:54 for mile 6 which is really not too terrible. The final half mile of the race went by the capital once again and was mostly downhill. The final 2/10 of a mile was my fastest pace of the day: 6:26. Overall it was a really great 10K course and I had a lot of fun even if I wasn’t very speedy that day!

One of the best aspects of race day was having a chance to hang out with my fast co-workers Amy and Andy as well as Sarah L. It was so fun to chat and catch up on running, health, and life. It was also fun to see Russ and Charlie and so many other great people that day. Scott didn’t run as he had a little bit of tendonitis in his foot earlier in the week. He is fine now, but it was smart of him not to race. As usual he was so supportive and such a great sport! Thanks again Scott!

6-7-14 awards

Awards Ceremony

Again, I have to thank the Central Vermont Runners and Onion River Sports! For the first place woman I received a $50 gift certificate and then I won another $100 gift certificate in a raffle! That was so awesome!! I’ll admit we spent that pretty quickly in Onion River Sports the same afternoon! Since we both run, swim and cycle there is always something we need! 

While we had a super time at the race that morning, another great aspect of the day was visiting the Montpelier Farmers Market also right in downtown. This is one of my favorite farmers markets in Vermont! For a great lunch we had Gracie’s tamales. She makes a super yummy vegan black bean and corn tamale. We might ride our bikes from Montpelier next Saturday just so we can have more tamales! We also had fun sampling some locally made rum and wine Smile


Supporting local business Smile

I didn’t quite get as much running done as I had hoped on Saturday, so we jumped onto our tri bikes for a short but speedy bike ride later in the afternoon. We are loving our new bikes! And today we did a nice bike ride down to Bristol and back followed by a run on Camel’s Hump road for a good brick workout. I think triathlons are going to agree with us! Stay tuned for our first one down in Lake Dunmore on June 28th!

6-7-14 me BMC with cows

6-7-14 scott riding cervelo

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